You Have the Power Inside of You

Inspiring to read, sometimes is necessary to hear things this clear even when you already know…great post!

Simple Tom

You Have the Power Inside of You

I literally went out to have lunch, in our beautiful little city in Thailand, and came home to see that I had 3 sales come in from blogging. I was enjoying my life, spending time with some amazing friends while I was able to reach out to 3 people in one day and automatically get them started.

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-31at42720PM_zpsd670e3e2.png

What changed?

The fact that I cut the bull shit out of my own head. All the thoughts saying that I couldn’t achieve it, that I didn’t deserve it, and that it wasn’t possible.

I changed my perspective and my mindset and in turn its completely changing my reality. Because the fact is is that you DO have the power to create your reality. You DO have the power inside of you to achieve any thing you want.

You just need to cut out the shit inside your own head thats telling you…

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